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WordPress E-Commerce: How To Jeff Like Bezos


Learn all about how you can harness the intuitive power of WordPress for your e-commerce business.

As you likely already know, WordPress started as a site for blogs. A neat little corner of the internet where you could go to write about your life, or your ideas, or anything. WordPress wasn’t capable of a whole lot back then, and with relatively minimal effort you could do too much with a site causing it to crash. It is, understandably, a shock to most when they realize just how much WordPress has evolved since its earliest years. We’re going to come out swinging here: Did you know WordPress.com hosts a staggering 23 million sites on its own personal multi-site network and a grand total of 43% of all websites use WordPress (best guesses based on reading). 43% meaning over 800 million websites. And that percent seems to be increasing.

Numbers like that tend to happen for good reason. First and foremost, WordPress is and has always been easy to install and use. The entire flow of the software was designed for simplicity. The install/uninstall feature for themes and plugins is useful in a way that’s honestly hard to put into words. That combined with an intuitive administrative side of every website, which allows you to monitor all of the site’s functionality from a single, simple dashboard. Plus, considering how widely used it is, educational resources for WordPress are abundant and thorough and often based on decades of topic-specific testing and experience.

One of the most impactful tools afforded by WordPress is the ability to add or remove functionality on the fly; a wide degree of functionality. For an E-Commerce site, this is worth going out of your way for. It means you can adapt to demands and trends on the fly. With many other site builders, and even hard-coded sites, it is not so easy or simple to add auction functionality to a site, for example. With WordPress you just install the plugin and change its settings and you are good to go. Want the auction functionality gone? Just uninstall the plugin. That’s it. The same goes with themes and templates. You can add or remove parts of pages, copy styling, and even duplicate entire sites with the click of a button using plugins like Elementor.

With an ever-expanding list of integrations comes an ever-expanding way to customize your website. There is a whole lot to customize, too! For e-commerce, not only do you get to style the entire site’s theme to your liking, but you also get to fine-tune how your product appears or how your shop looks. Every detail. You can also customize your website’s features, like adding a help center or CRM tools. Most large payment processors have WordPress integrations, and [dephoro] can personally confirm that even Marketplace Tax services work with WordPress. Perks of being so widely used!

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce tool for WordPress, offering a wide range of features and add-ons to help you sell physical and digital products. Easy Digital Downloads is a great option for businesses focused on selling digital products, while WP eCommerce has a user-friendly interface for beginners. Shopify and Ecwid both offer integration into WordPress sites, and provide a variety of e-commerce features such as inventory management, order tracking and marketing tools. The list of tools goes on: HubSpot, Zapier, Cloudflare, GiveWP, and so much more! The designers at [dephoro] Host will be more than happy to discuss what plugin suite would be best for your specific needs.

With its ever-growing popularity and innovative advancements, WordPress is poised to take the internet by storm and continue to lead the way in website design and development. As more and more individuals and businesses turn to WordPress as their platform of choice, the possibilities for growth and success are endless. The future of WordPress is bright, and with its dedicated community of users and developers, there is no limit to what can be achieved. So let us all embrace the power of WordPress and work together to create a new era of digital excellence. Let’s inspire and be inspired by the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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