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A Please-Don't-Crash Course On Servers


Are you curious what all of those seemingly random numbers and letters below our hosting plans mean?

A web server is a software application and physical hardware that stores and delivers web pages and other content over the internet. Its primary purpose is to handle requests from clients, such as web browsers, and respond with the appropriate information. This can include text, images, audio, video, and other files. Essentially, a web server acts as the gatekeeper between the internet and the web pages being served. Without a web server, websites and web applications would not be accessible over the internet.

Different hosting providers display different server features, so this list will only apply to the features we show to keep things simple. The first of the features listed on our hosting plans is Dedicated Memory. You can think of Dedicated Memory as something like RAM for a server, which is used for several things like storing and reading hard drive data. The next feature we list are the number of vCPUs a plan has. vCPUs allow virtual machines to share the host machine’s resources like memory, CPU, and storage. That said, Storage is our next listed feature which is what it sounds like: how much information can be stored on a server. This includes any images, videos, music, etc so be careful with large uploads! The last feature is Bandwidth. Bandwidth, more or less, governs how much traffic can flow through your site at any given moment. The higher the bandwidth, the more traffic you can manage.

In most cases, the Bronze Plan will be a perfect option. It is made to handle personal and small business sites, and will prove to be more than effective for something like a blog site. The [dephoro] Marketplace, which is a complex e-commerce site, launched using a Gold Plan to ensure all content would load quickly. If you expect your site to experience heavy traffic, our plans scale well beyond what we have displayed. We can run your site off of multiple high-end servers, etc. Just let our specialists know if you have any questions or would like any clarifications regarding hosting plans!

We don’t say this lightly: The administrative side of our hosting platform looks immaculate. From this elegant and intuitive interface, you can monitor just about everything. To the extent that you may not even need to visit your site once it is built, as it can be managed directly from your hosting portal. Automated backups and updates, database access, security and analytics interfaces, lots of graphs.. bar graphs, line graphs, all sorts of graphs. All for you. In one staggeringly beautiful place. Plus a convenient little chat bubble, contact page, and Help Center link in case you have absolutely no idea what we are talking about.

With great hosting services comes… the ability to change your plan as you need to. Business happens. Companies and brands evolve. We get it! Don’t worry, the process is simple. Should your traffic increase drastically (go you!), for example, and your site is starting to slow down because of it then send us a message. We will walk you through your server upgrade and make sure the site speeds are up to your liking! Downtime is minimal, if any at all, as the process for doing this sort of thing is largely automated. Our automated site backups and our site staging features ensure your website infrastructure stays completely safe during this transition.

As with all [dephoro] services, we go out of our way to make sure you have a way to reach us. The [dephoro] HUB (our hosting portal) is no different. An abundance of tutorial-style documentation is available for you on the [dephoro] Help Center. You are also welcome to send us a message using any contact form on any of the [dephoro] sites. Similarly, we implemented that cool little chat bubble on the bottom-right of all of our sites in case you need help. We do our absolute best to be here for you when you need us and to provide you with all of the information and tools needed to succeed and thrive.

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