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Project Details

Client: [dephoro] Corporation

Year: 2017

Timeframe: 3 months

Main Service: UI Design, B2B Software

Return Over Investiment: TBD

[dephoro] Host is an integration masterpiece, tastefully balancing functionality with aesthetics.

[dephoro] Host features an array of complex integrations allowing the website to sell domains, while simultaneously renting out servers, or hosting content and sites on its own internal network. The side of the website that the users see is only half of what the [dephoro] Host site is. Its real value is in the convenience afforded to those running it.

The site features a fully automated user sign up process for hosting and domain sales. It was created as a multi-site network, affording it with the ability to host its own subdomains internally. As a subdomain itself. We know how to work some DNS magic.


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